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Individual Regeneration

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How it Works

I am a guide, mentor and companion as you return home to yourself by embracing life’s regenerative cycles.  


We journey through your story and begin where you are:

  • resisting or grieving an ending;

  • stuck in that liminal space between what you know no longer works and desiring something new that you can’t fully grasp;

  • knowing that something new is emerging and you are so excited you want to rush its birth; yet it needs time and support to incubate/gestate;

  • support and guidance birthing a new beginning.


Regardless of where we start, our goal is to clear the old narratives imprinted in your body and soul hindering its re-union and your regeneration. While we listen to the mind to help us name these old narratives, this is a journey of the body, the place where we experience life and where our transformation can be fully embodied. We listen to the heart and let it feel what it needs to feel, and to voice what it needs to voice. We use our breath to reconnect with the soul and let her lead us back to the wisdom and the knowing of who we really are. We welcome and connect with our nurturing, protective and wise guides as they support us in the trajectory of our next evolution.


Ritualistic and ceremonial practices are suggested outside of sessions to support the deepening of your work.


I offer 90-minute Individual sessions online.  Our work is not meant to be long-term and we meet as needed. As an intuitive practitioner I can’t say how many sessions you’ll need ahead of time; the frequency and the how of our work is revealed by the magic we co-create together. 


We begin with a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine if we are good fit to journey together.  


Please note that while I am a licensed clinical social worker, the work you are engaging with through Regeneration from Within is not psychotherapy.  Our work creates meaningful opportunities for healing and transformation and it should not be a substitute for  psychotherapy or other traditional medical treatment, instead it should be complementary to other interventions you might need. 


If you have any questions, or to schedule a free 15 minute consultation please contact me below.


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