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Regenerate from Within

by Joanna Marcela Berrio-Kipnis



Journey back to yourself through your story. Reclaim & restore your connection with your Soul, Spirit and with your Medicine.


Navigate life transitions by embracing the wisdom of the Earth's cycles

Gather in community through rituals & ceremonies for conscious re-integration of Mind, Heart, Body, Soul & Spirit.




I'm Joanna Marcela

I am a medicine woman, a partner, a sister, a learner, a playful and curious being.  In connection with Madre Tierra (Mother Earth), I bring all that I’ve been, who I am, and who I am becoming, to guide others home to their core selves, to remember their inherent wholeness. 


My work is an invitation to those who are seeking a re-union of body and soul; those who are hearing a message deep from within: “Let your soul lead.”



“Joanna is an attuned and intuitive Spirit worker and healer whose authenticity and intentionality shine into every space she shares. She honors connection - with myself, within our relationship, with Spirit, our ancestors, and that creates a trusting space within which I can dive deeper into parts of myself and my soul that I have never accessed before. Joanna helps me connect with these parts in an intentional, compassionate, and patient way - always meeting me and honoring where I am at and never pushing me to go deeper or farther than I am ready to go in that moment. I have worked with Joanna in both individual and group opportunities, and no matter the dynamic she remains fully present and connected to the experience (collective and individual). I feel held, supported, and loved unconditionally within the space she creates; she is attuned to when other energies enter that space and clears them either in conjunction with me or on my behalf while I am exploring the depths of myself. Joanna has supported my evolution of growing into my Highest self and enriched my understanding of what it means to be a regenerative healer for myself and for others.” 

- S.K., Activist & School Social Worker, Colorado, USA

Joanna is such a rare find on many levels and for many reasons. She gracefully combines a keen intellect and wide skill set honed over many years with a deep, heart-centered soulfulness and trust in her own cultivated intuition, wisdom, and spirituality. The depth of this "head, heart, and soul" combination, and her trust in my own innate wisdom as her client is something I've benefited greatly from during my work with Joanna. I've been lucky to learn from and be guided by her in both retreat and individual contexts. Thanks to the special space she is able to create and hold and who she is as a person and healer, my own healing path and work in the world no longer gets hung up on the usual stuck points I have encountered during previous chapters.  

With Joanna, there seems to be no "end of the road" to what her skill and wisdom can continue to offer her clients, even after having worked with them for an extended period of time. She has exquisite understanding of the many layers involved in a holistic and deep regeneration process and is always attuning and adjusting to where her clients are and what they need on that spiral path. I will forever be grateful for the inner transformation she has patiently helped guide me through in service of the external changes I've hoped for in my life and work.

- C.H., Trauma Social Worker, Colorado, USA

I didn't realize what a life-changing experience connecting with Joanna would turn out to be.

As the daughter of Mexicano immigrants, I felt a strong sense of loss of my cultura (culture) and raices (roots).  It's a spiritual and mental drudgery to live in the U.S. as a brown queer woman and experience the covert and unmistakable overt ramifications of colonialization and white supremacy. This disconnect was ever so present in my mind, body and spirit. It has been such a blessing to have a person who can bring her full authentic self to our sessions.  She embodies and models  the power and freedom of authenticity  for her clients. 

Joanna has served as a guiding light to my own vessel of personal and spiritual healing/journey and reconnection with my Mexican  ancestral ways. In our time together we have explored traditional and ancestral cosmic wisdom of healing. She's help guide my own healing power through experiential, healing rituals and ceremonies,  the use of movement (somatic), art and play, dream work, whole self reconnection, and has supported me to re-integrate mind, body, soul, and spirit.  Joanna's bold and courageous focus on healing work and reconnection  to the self has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

- G.V., Youth Activist & Social Worker,  Colorado, USA

Joanna is a gifted healer, and spiritual guide.  Her compassionate guidance was a lifeline through one of the most difficult times in my life.  Joanna created a deeply empathetic space to witness and reflect back to me parts of myself that have needed healing.  Her powerful connection to spirit, intuition, and energy make her an incredible facilitator of personal transformation and regeneration.  Joanna has truly acted as a midwife, helping me birth a new self through a period of immense life transition.  And under her care, I have now been cultivating a relationship with my own inner wisdom, soul guidance, and healing intuition.  I am in awe of the universe for bringing us together and in so much gratitude for our relationship. 

- N.M., Activist & Community Organizer, Colorado, USA

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